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ADWhatsApp v9.30 APK Download for Android 2024

Introducing AD WhatsApp APK

ADWhatsApp v9.30 is a duplicate of Adam WhatsApp, except that it adds some additional features to improve the utilization of WhatsApp. If you’re interested in this better WhatsApp mod, just download it here and send it to your friends and loved ones to enjoy it.

 The purpose of this article is to inform you how to install ADWhatsApp v9.30 on your mobile device without spending anything. The APK allows you to create your own profile with a wide range of customization options. Your name can appear on the screen, you can choose a dissimilar profile image. In addition, as well as automatically updating your profile photo after a particular period, this app will make your profile image look like a new one. Additionally, you can conceal your own information from your contacts list, similar to your option to freeze last seen, and to obtain and protect your privacy.

Info Table

App Name



v 9.30

File Size

53 MB



Features of ADWhatsApp v9.30 APK

Some of the amazing features they offer are listed below.

Home Style

There are a variety of styles that are applicable in this APK. Customize your home screen according to your needs. Various customization options are available with individual styles for customizing your home screen.

Features of Privacy

However, there is a wide range of characteristics in this APK that you can utilize to enhance your privacy options. Depending on how you want to use the feature, you can freeze last seen for selected contacts. Furthermore, it has included an anti-view option that allows it. You can view an infinite number of videos and status updates without any calculations. Additionally, you can modify the settings for forwarding conversations. Depending on your preference, you can turn on and off this option.

Backup Data

Using this incredible feature, you will have options for backing up your WhatsApp data. If you would like to download the current version and update ADWhatsApp. The feature will allow you to restore entirely of your data once you have downloaded the latest version. Therefore, you can be sure that your chat and crucial data are safe with the everyday and once a week backup. You will simply need to provide your email address to join this and then you have to select an option similar to daily or weekly backup depending on your preference.

Conversation Styles

There are several conversation styles included below. 
Bubble style: This feature allows you to select a chat bubble style with dissimilar theme colors and specify whether the bubble should be wide or high. 
Tick style: This style lets you alter the color of the tick or double tick.
It offers you the option of setting the size and speed of your text. In general, 16 pixels are chosen, so you can adjust the size of your text if you have trouble reading small text.

Airplane Mode

ADWhatsApp can be set to Airplane mode and restricted to use only certain types of data. If you choose this option, you will neither receive any message nor need to send, which means you can spend time on other social media platforms without any anxiety. In my opinion, it’s an incredible feature of this app.


Users of this app can use its auto-reply feature on their mobile devices. Among them, this is the most popular. In case you desire auto-replies when you receive a message, you can activate the settings. The automated reply will then be sent. Additionally, the ADWhatsApp auto-reply feature allows for customization according to your preferences, including different specific functions. In this case, you can also configure a time delay for auto-replies to messages you receive.


  • With AD WhatsApp, users can back up their data and restore media files like photos and videos.
  • With this app, users can edit the messages they have sent, as opposed to the original WhatsApp.
  • In addition, the group members profile photos are shown directly within the chat box, which increases the group chat expertise.


  • Since ADWhatsApp v9.30 is not an official app, it may lack the resources and community encouragement of WhatsApp official application.
  •  However, astonishing features of ADWhatsApp, such as the capability to edit messages, may not be entirely consistent with the official WhatsApp app.

How to Download and Install ADWhatsApp V9.30 for Android?

You will need to follow these steps are below:
Step 1: In order to begin the installation process, first of all, click the button provided.
Step 2: It will take a few seconds for the file to download.
Step 3: Once the APK file has been downloaded to your mobile device, go to the settings menu and select the security option.
Step 4: You will begin the installation process when you enable “unknown sources“.
Step 5: You will need to spend a few seconds installing this app. After installing it, you can start using it.

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, it includes high security measures to prevent bans.

Yes, this application is capable of sending high-resolution images. By using this method, you can share images with greater clarity and detail in comparison to the quality resolution.

Yes, it permits you to change the font instantly from your phone files. In this characteristic, you can select a font of your preference and customize your messaging expertise.

Yes, it can change messages in hidden chat. This function adds further to your communication, which provides you with additional control and elasticity.

Yes, it has resolved many issues related to custom text status icons.


With the advancement of technology, the world is continuously changing. In the current age, ADWhatsApp offers unlimited communication possibilities. Using this APK, you can enlarge a modern time of communication that takes the already affecting WhatsApp platform to new elevations of functionality and ease of use. Our website offers you the chance to install this free of cost as an APK. You can enjoy chatting with friends and making changes with customized servers. In addition to certaining maximum accuracy, the application offers highly skilled user expertise. If you have any problem, you don’t need to worry about it since you are free to contact me in that situation.

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