AD WhatsApp 2023 Latest Version

AD WhatsApp 2023 Download Latest V10.82 for Android

No Forward Tag

Every time we send a message it approaches with a forward tag. By doing so, the other individual is informed that we are not sending this message. You can even disable this functionality in the app so it will not be available next time. Thus, when you forward any message now, it will not contain that forward tag.

Message Scheduler

Making sure your messages are scheduled in advance is very important. You can select to send a message to one or more recipients and set the delivery time. Consequently, you don’t have to worry about where you are or if you are using this APK. The message will be forwarded at the preset time to the selected recipients. Other modified versions of WhatsApp do not include this feature.


With this APK, you get all the latest features you need to use the app without any hassles. This feature is most important because it allows you to change your voice. If you want to send an audio message, you can record it. When you are chatting, this application will provide you with the maximum amount of opportunities.

Hide Media from Gallery

Moreover, you can decide if your photos, videos, and files should be displayed in the gallery. If not, you can hide them. You can turn on or off this option according to your preferences. Having this turned on will hide your media and prevent it from being displayed in the gallery, which is an impressive feature.


Here all the modified versions feature a theme store where you can select from a variety of themes. Hence, there is a similar vibe and that similar store in this APK. Choosing your preferred theme is as simple as searching for it and applying it.

UI Customization

In addition to themes, this APK allows UI customization as well. Aside from modifying the colors of the elements in your app, you can also adjust their positions. Anything you don’t wish to disclose can be hidden.

ADWA Colors

A significant feature of AD WhatsApp’s design is its use of color. There is a wide range of color schemes and themes available in this APK that can be used to personalize the app’s appearance. As a result, you can customize the app to make it feel like a part of your personal life.

  • Several options are available for hiding “Chats” and “Calls.”
  • This APK allows you to download themes customized to your liking.
  • You can swipe through your messages with it.
  • If you would like to turn off the “Message Forwarding” feature, you can do so.
  • By using AD WhatsApp, you can personalize your “Online status” and “Last Seen.”
  • With “Voice-Changing” functionality, you can customize your recorded voice.
  • However, when someone sends a message to you, the system can automatically reply after a specified time delay.
  • In addition, You can customize the size of the tick and double ticks with this function.
  • To make certain that everybody can use the platform without anxiety because there is increased anti-ban security.
  • Moreover, you will have the option to edit messages, so any mistakes you make can be corrected. I believe that here are the latest updates for your enjoyment!
  • Further, the publisher has also resolved the issue that led to a few people being banned for one hour, which should no longer occur.

Step 1. Here is the above link you need to click to download this APK.
Step 2. Then, wait a few seconds before downloading the file.
Step 3. Mobile devices should be setup to allow “unknown sources” from the security settings.
Step 4. Let’s open this application now.
Step 5. There will be a lot of unique features that you can take advantage of.

Final Words

In this modern era, AD WhatsApp is a brilliantly modded version of WhatsApp that millions of people around the world use and download regularly. With a modern approach and security-proof features, it serves a range of purposes. It has a variety of functions that you can customize according to your needs. This APK will add more entertainment to your routine conversations. Now is the perfect time to install it and discover its unique features.

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