Introducing ADWhatsApp APK

People are connected to one another everyday in this world. As a result, WhatsApp plays a vital role in daily life. It is because we communicate with our friends and others. There are many modified versions of WhatsApp being released constantly. Each of them has its own unique characteristics, so they don’t compete with each other. It is only interesting that we have brought you another version ADWhatsApp. With just one click, you can share many feelings with loved ones.

AD Whatsapp

   ADWhatsApp is a modified version of the official app, which is the most widely used app in the world. This APK includes incredible features such as voice-changing, disabling forward tag, hiding media from the gallery, font size adjustments, last-seen freeze, and much more. Furthermore, there are different security and privacy controls provided to the users, along with a variety of customization options. The app offers an anti-ban function, a common issue for users of the GB WhatsApp and MB WhatsApp applications. 

What is AD WhatsApp APK?

  It is also known as AD WhatsApp APK, which was introduced by an Android developer who also introduced Adam WhatsApp. Many users prefer the black and brown themes of the application. In addition to offering users exciting new options, it also ensures their security and privacy control.

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Features of AD WhatsApp New Version

The following are some fantastic features they offer their users are discussed below.


 This application offers the option of changing the voice as its first characteristic. Using this app, you can record audio messages and also change your voice to have fun with your friends. Download this application quickly to enjoy its best features. Don’t just spend your time on the app, but interact with your friends and family members as well.

No Forward Tag

  Whenever we try to send messages to the other contacts, a message comes with a forward tag to tell the other person we did not send the message. Next time, you can turn off this option. It will not show the forward after you have sent the message. In addition, you can schedule the time when the message is sent.


 The official app does not allow you to select from multiple languages. Along with Adam WhatsApp and MB WhatsApp APK, ADWhatsApp also provides users with multi-language options, enabling them to select language based on their country. There is a specific power in copying words from other social media websites and uploading them to your name correctly.


   Furthermore, this APK offers themes; you can search for the theme of your selection and then select browse from the list. The best themes are included in the app for you to enjoy. Alternatively, you can search and apply your favorite themes directly with a single click.

Customizing the UI

  The app also offers customization of the UI. Colors can be changed while using an element, and you can also alter the position of different things. It is possible to make the app and its capacity more attractive and powerful by changing their colors.

Hide Media From Gallery

  Additionally, you can determine whether the images should be displayed in the gallery. Therefore, this is the best option, which you can enable on or off according to your preferences. Then activate this option; it will prevent media from being shown in the gallery.

Message Scheduler

  Messages can be scheduled in advance, which is a helpful aspect. It is possible to type a message for sending at the time set on different contacts. It doesn’t matter whether you use this application or not, you will send your message at a set time to the selected contacts. This functionality is available through a mod for ER WhatsApp.


  Mobile users can also use the auto-reply option of this application, which is one of its best capabilities. In case you have a busy schedule and do not have the time to reply to your messages. Please don’t be upset; your app will solve the issue. This application permits users to send automatic messages to the sender. The message sender receives a message immediately from your side. If you enjoy chatting with close friends and family relatives, you will enjoy this characteristic.

Action Bar

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Anti-Ban ADWhatsApp New Version
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Features of AD WhatsApp Latest Version

Astonishing Privacy Features of AD WhatsApp app

 In the WhatsApp official application, there are fewer characteristics available to users, and that’s why privacy controls on chat are limited. However, ADWhatsApp APK gives its users more power by providing them with the features discussed below.

  • Additionally, you can hide an individual’s name while chatting with them using this app.
  • Once you have replied, select one or two tick options or an option that looks like a blue tick.
  • This application brings you another convenience in that now you don’t need any other application to save significant media from your phone gallery.
  • The special thing about ADWhatsApp is that you can set airplane mode exclusively for it, which benefits that you do not receive any messages and will not have to send them. And will be able to enjoy spending your time on any other social media without any worries.
  • With this app, you can set your PIN or fingerprint password so that no one can access your chat.
  • If you use the ADWhatsApp, you can send numerous images and data at the same time to a community, regardless of whether that community is within WhatsApp.
  • Whenever you click the chat bubble, you’ll see the following quick reference options.
  • Additionally, this APK lets you customize your chat screen just like you do your home screen.
  • This incredible feature of “mass message sender” allows you to send a heavy file from your gallery along with a bulky message.
  • We can now read all the messages that the sender has edited.
Pros and Cons of AD WhatsApp App Latest Version
  •  One beneficial aspect for users is the ability to back up their media and restore it. Pictures, videos, and so on are included. Android 11+ users will benefit from this function, which allows them to back up their media before uninstalling it.
  •  The users can enter this pack under Universal Styles in the Settings Plus menu. Additionally, there is a refreshed collection of emojis to increase their message experience.
  •  Another function of users is to edit sent messages, allowing users to explain additional information.
  • It’s important to note that WhatsApp does not officially support this app, so it may not obtain official support and updates. As a result, there may be security problems in the long run.
  • It is a reasonable measure to prevent bans, but there is still a risk of being banned by the app when using unofficial WhatsApp versions. These commonly ignore WhatsApp terms of service, and there is no surety of complete protection.

How to Install and Download AD WhatsApp Latest Version 2024 on Android?

Using the steps below, you’ll be guided through the Android installation and download process.
Step 1. Go to this site,
Step 2. By clicking the following button, you will be able to download the file.
Step 3. Before your download begins, a few seconds will pass.
Step 4. After downloading the file, select it then click the installation button. Using your mobile device, go to Settings, then go to Security, and you’ll see “Unknown Sources.” To begin the installation, simply turn on this option.
Step 5. After installing the app, click open and choose the language you wish to use.
Step 6. Select “Agree and Continue” from the menu. If you want to restore WhatsApp data from an older backup, you can click the “Restore Backup” button.
Step 7. The phone number you entered will have to be confirmed once you have entered it.
Step 8. Your phone number will be verified when you select “Continue” or “Verify with SMS.”
Step 9. Create a profile name and upload a profile picture if you wish.
Step 10. The process is complete. Just wait for it to start up and then click on “OK.” Now open and enjoy chatting because it is a must for every activity.

Download ADWhatsApp Latest Version
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Installation Process Step 1
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Final Words

 There are many apps available, but ADWhatsApp is the most popular. Due to its modern and updated features, many people use it worldwide. It gives you more options when it comes to security and privacy. You can turn on or off the characteristics as you wish. Compared to the WhatsApp default version, the version you have to install is better in many ways. Now is the perfect time to download this fantastic application. It will enhance your chat experience greatly!