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Adam WhatsApp APK Download (V37) Latest Version 2024

Introducing Adam WhatsApp GB

WhatsApp is widely used by the majority of people around the globe almost every day. Looking for the best application to suit your needs but having trouble choosing it? In this case, Adam WhatsApp would be the best choice. With this APK, users have access to even more features during chat sessions. If you like this app, you can download it on your device in just a few clicks.

In the WhatsApp world, Adam WhatsApp APK is a brilliant mod, as he was introduced by an Arab developer named “The Legend.” The same developer has also created “Hawa WhatsApp.” With it, you get all the great features and more privacy options, including themes and emojis, as well as the ability to freeze your last-seen and hide your blue ticks. Users will be capable of accessing blocked calls. In addition, you can hide your online activity and set a lock using a password and fingerprint.

Info Table about Adam WhatsApp Update

App Name

Adam WhatsApp


The Legend





File Size

64 MB


Android 4.0

Last Update


Color MODS

Black, Brown

Features of Adam WhatsApp Pro

Here are some of the fantastic characteristics they offer their users.

Group Name

Unlike the original WhatsApp group creation properties, users are not allowed to have more than 25 characters in their group name. However, this application permits users to set up to 35 characters group names. Don’t you think it is more than official WhatsApp?

 Media Sharing

In Official WhatsApp, this functionality is not available. However, this application can send more than 90 photos at the same time without any delay issues.

Message Scheduling

In most cases, you’d like a break from work, but not at the expense of relationships with your audience. You can get help from this APK. With this incredible feature, users can choose what they want. A message is sent to a specific recipient when they need to receive it in a particular timeframe.

Chat Lock

The functionality of chat locks is similar to that of app locks. By locking a chat, users can restrict their access. In this way, no one will be capable of accessing it, and neither will be able to read the chat contact.

Status Downloader

It’s good that users can upload their status to some aspects of life and download the other statuses. As a result, this app comes with an incredible feature.

Check Status

Within the other person’s view list, members can check the status of their friends and families without revealing their names.

Emoji Variants

  There are a lot of emoji variants available in this APK, so you are committed to finding something you like. Some of these variants are coming from social media such as old WhatsApp (iOS), Android O, Facebook, and System Emojis, which are all contributed by users.

Hide Blue Ticks

 A pair of blue ticks appear in the chat box after the recipient reads your message. In a small plan, blue ticks are being hidden here.
For example, you can read all of someone else’s messages while offline.

Last Seen Freeze

The interesting thing about this APK is that you are only permitted to view the content sent to you once. It comes as a surprise to the sender since he is totally unaware of the condition.

Features of Adam WhatsApp Gold New Version
Features of Adam WhatsApp Gold

Some Unique Features of Adam WhatsApp Brown

Some other unique features are included that make chat more enjoyable for users.

  • As well as that, it also permits users to copy the status of family members, friends, and fellow workers to the clipboard, a function not found on official WhatsApp.
  • Like other modified versions, this APK provides auto-reply functionality as well. It permits you to set any custom message for any contact, even when you are away from the phone.
  • Additionally, an iOS theme is included in it, especially for iPhone users, that changes the look and feel of WhatsApp to that of iOS.
  • Whenever you share photos or videos with someone, they will only be able to view them once in their chat box. After that, they cannot view them again.
  • There are more than 20 languages included in this APK. Your nationality does not matter when it comes to enjoying it.
  • With this APK, users can keep their personal information secure. Here, you can set a password and PIN for your WhatsApp lock. Furthermore, it includes a password recovery option, which is extremely useful.
  • Its impressive features include the ability to prevent users from deleting sent messages, rather not just chats. You cannot delete even uploaded statuses.
Features of Adam WhatsApp 2024 New Version
Features of Adam WhatsApp 2024
  • The design is clean and spacious, with only a few visual elements that do not divert attention from the most important features.
  • With obvious abilities for engaging with the app’s functions, the interface is convenient to comprehend and explore.
  • Users will enjoy an uninterrupted messaging experience since the interface adjusts effortlessly to various screen displays and resolutions.
Sleek Interface Adam WhatsApp New Version
Sleek Interface


  • In terms of installation, there are no issues.
  • Media can be hidden from the gallery by users.
  • In ADWA, you can choose from multiple Arabic fonts.


  • We cannot download this application from either Google Play Store or Apple App Store since it is a third-party application.
  • In some cases, you may encounter problems using the WhatsApp “User Changes” option.

How to Install and Download Adam WhatsApp New Version 2023?

To install the app, simply follow the instructions below.

  • Go to this official site,
  • Download the file by clicking the button.
  • After that, stay a few seconds for the file to download.
  • When the APK file has been downloaded on your mobile device, then go to settings, and then select the third-party app installation or unknown source option.
  • Ensure that you have the most recent APK file in your file manager.
  • You can install it from your mobile device by clicking on it and giving permission.
  • It may take a few seconds for the process of installation to complete.
  • The same applies here, as with official WhatsApp. After entering your contact number, you will receive a verification code.
  • As soon as you verify the code, you can now instantly enjoy all paid features for free.
Adam WhatsApp Step 1
Adam WhatsApp Step 2
ADWA Step 3
ADWA Step 4

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

 Yes, you can install it on your Android device without root.

The main reason to use this APK is that people around the world love the process of being connected and communicating with each other. This is the modified version of an app that has helped people a lot in this matter.

Usually, there are many official versions of WhatsApp available on the Play Store, but it is not available on the Play Store. You have to select a website to download it. Better if you download it by clicking on the above link.

No, it isn’t risky in terms of security. Rather, it is 100% safe and virus-free.

There is no problem updating the app since it is a straightforward process.

Final Words

Adam WhatsApp is an immense way of communication that permits us to stay in contact with friends and family representatives. In case you need to meet in person. Using a video call, you can meet and talk live. Nowadays, countless people use this app to communicate because it offers a wide range of features not found in the original WhatsApp. However, you can’t experience its true essence until you download this modern APK and use it. If you want to get the latest updates about its upcoming modern features, then stay connected to our website.

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