AD WhatsApp Download 2023 Latest Version

AD WhatsApp Download 2023 (v10.82) Latest Version for Android

Voice Change

You can use this APK easily as it offers the latest features. The app provides voice changing options as one of its significant features. If you want to record your audio conversation, you can do so. You can customize your voice by choosing from a variety of options offered by the app. In the header, you have the option to change WhatsApp name. Depending on your preference, you can write the name here. When you are chatting, it is the best app to use.


It is impossible to choose among the many languages in the official version of WhatsApp, but AD WhatsApp provides you with the best options in this regard. Also, it offers a wide range of language choices. When you select the intended language for your message, you can write it in several languages. If you would like, you can also copy the text from another social media site to add it to your status.


Each modified version includes a theme store where you can browse as many themes based on your preferences. This APK also includes the finest themes for you to choose from. You can enjoy it.  Here, you can conveniently search for themes and download the most attractive ones. People prefer to view different attractive colors on any app while using it, so this functionality is there to attract their attention. Considering that this APK is intended to ensure security and privacy, it is the most reliable.

Message Scheduler

Use this latest feature since it lets you schedule your messages in advance. By using the timer, you can secure any written message you like. At the time you specify, the message will be forwarded to the chosen recipients. There is no concern about using a mobile phone or not because the message will arrive on time to the selected recipients. It’s one of the most beneficial features that other mods lack.

UI Customization

Additionally, AD WhatsApp allows for UI customization. As such, you can now adjust the colors of the application and its elements while using it according to your preferences. Changing the position of dissimilar things is also possible. In addition, you have the option to hide items that you don’t want to display. It’s extremely easy to use since all functions are accessible just by one click. When using it, you can modify the color of its elements. By changing the colors, you can enhance the app interest and make it look more attractive. 

Hide Media from Gallery

Now, you can decide whether or not you desire your photos displayed in the gallery. Moreover, this is an excellent option, and you can enable it on and off as you desire. When you enable it, all your media will disappear from your gallery and won’t be visible anymore. With AD WhatsApp, you can hide your pictures and videos.

No Forward Tag

To inform the recipient that the message was not sent by us, we send the message with a forward message tag. This feature can be disabled so that it does not appear like this if you forward a message again in the future. If you turn on or off the messages, the tags will not appear or will display as you prefer. Using this app, you can take advantage of up-to-date features. Messages can also be sent at a specific time.


Furthermore, you will find that this APK has a lot of additional and the latest features. While the auto-reply option is one of them. In case you are busy and cannot respond, don’t worry about this, an automated message will be sent instantly from your side to the sender.

  • For this option to be enabled, simply tap on “More” and then “Auto Reply.” Here you can write anything that suits your preference, similar to if you are in the business of selling something, then this purpose will assist you greatly. Your clients will not become frustrated if you display passion, adore, and value your time to them by setting up autoresponder messages.
  • The response feature also includes three other functions known as, “Reply if contains” “Reply if equally” and “Reply to all Messages.” They are planned to increase messaging expertise for users and save time and effort by allowing them to reply to all messages at the same time. Moreover, communication can be increased with automated replies based on particular keywords, enabling users to save time and respond efficiently in different situations.
  • We can benefit from this function by speeding up response times.
  •  This will help you converse with others more effectively.
  • You can save time and effort by utilizing this feature.
  • In addition to saving us time, the setup of the auto-reply option has given us a lot of opportunities.
  • Your messages can be selected, customized, and delivered at certain times.
  •  Furthermore, it can also harm your reputation by sending inappropriate or irrelevant information.
  •  Probably, for this reason entire communities can be adversely affected.

Final Words

With AD WhatsApp, its latest and most modern features, it has become one of the most popular apps in the world, which is why so many users use it. There are several options available when it comes to security and privacy as well. In this application, you have the option to select whether to turn on or turn off the functions as you wish. To make your everyday conversation easier and to provide you with more enjoyment and entertainment, this APK is your best choice. Several people use this application around the globe, but they desire privacy and security to prevent their chats from being hacked. It gives all the features you need for data security and conversation.

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