ADWhatsApp Black Latest Version

ADWhatsApp Black APK Download (V32) Latest Version 2024

Introducing ADWhatsApp Black APK

Nowadays, millions of people around the globe use WhatsApp. Are you confused about which app is best for you? You won’t find a better choice than ADWhatsApp Black. In this APK, more features are available that users require during the chat. It only takes one click, and you can install this app on your device immediately.

You can now experience messaging like never before with ADWhatsApp Black APK. Due to its sleek, dark interface as well as its numerous additional functionalities, it is an interesting modification of the famous ADWhatsApp application.

Key information

App Name

ADWhatsApp Black





File Size

35 MB



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Features of ADWhatsApp Black new version

In the following sections, we will discuss some of their fantastic features.

An elegant interface

Among the top features of this APK is its coal-black interface, which gives it a calming appearance. Different from other WhatsApp versions, shading options allow you to make your interface more appealing.

Infinite Media Sharing

 This APK extracts all restrictions from your media sharing. For the time being, you can put your image resolution up to 4 MB, allowing you to control the condition of your image. Furthermore, the video folder upload limit has been increased to 600 MB.

Awesome Launcher Icons

 In addition, this APK provides a variety of icons for the launcher app. Hence, if you dislike WhatsApp’s icon that appears similar to the normal WhatsApp. That’s why this app provides a sufficient number of launcher icons and then allows you to choose from them and you can also change the default icon.

 Hide Blue Ticks

 In a short time, after the receiver has read your message, your chat box displays a combination of blue ticks. As an illustration, you can see all the messages and give the impression that you are unavailable.

 Message Scheduler

  On most occasions, you find it beneficial to take a break from your business. But not at the expense of creating a connection with your audience. It will be helpful to you if you use this app. You can send scheduled messages to your proposals at any time with this characteristic.

Privacy of Status

  In Official WhatsApp, you can’t access the deleted status of someone. So, the special thing about this APK is that it enables you to view their status without telling anyone and you don’t care if they have deleted their status. You can still access it.

Customizing Chat

 With this APK, you can magnify your chat screen in many different ways. To customize your chat, you can change a variety of bubble and tick styles, action bars, and massive conversation entry styles. In your path, there will be a button on each chat screen.

Status Saver

The Official WhatsApp application does not allow users to save their favorite statuses. However, ADWhatsApp black provides this feature to its users by default, and now you don’t need to use any other status saver to download someone else’s status.


  • In addition to these, there are several other tools for micro customization.
  • It is also possible to send a massive message containing a file from your own gallery if you choose to use the “mass message sender” option.
  • As far as security is concerned, this APK is better as well.


  • There is a possibility that WhatsApp will not support the modified application.
  • As it’s a third-party app, it can’t be installed from the Google Play Store.

How to Install and Download ADWhatsApp Black Latest Version 2023?

Here are the some instructions below you can follow to install this app on your mobile device.

Step 1. Go to this website, Then click the Download button.
Step 2. You will need to wait for a few seconds until the APK file downloads.
Step 3. Once the file has been downloaded to your device, go to the security settings and click “Install Unknown Apps“.
Step 4. You can check the recent APK file in your file manager. Open the app after installation and select “Agree and Continue”.
Step 5. Your phone number must be entered and verified.
Step 6. You can proceed with the process by creating a profile name. Since now, all paid features have been free of charge to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, there aren’t risks associated with it since using it is a safe and virus-free method. It is only necessary to choose a trusted website such as adwhatap.

Yes, of course you should first download this APK file, then open it, and then follow the installation instructions.

In fact, it has many astonishing features including an elegant interface, unlimited media sharing, last-seen freezing, and customizing chats.

Absolutely, it is free to download this APK. For security reasons, you should only use trusted websites.

Final Words

ADWhatsApp Black is a sophisticated messaging app, it offers a wide range of features. Moreover, it provides you with complete control over your communication, including adding your own chat features, voice notes, naming header, emoji variants, etc. When you have downloaded it, you can begin using it. After that, you can enjoy your communication however you like.

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