AD WhatsApp Android Latest Version

AD WhatsApp Android Download (v10.82) Latest Version 2024

Features of AD WhatsApp App for Android
Features of AD WhatsApp App
Features of AD WhatsApp APK for Android
Features of AD WhatsApp APK
  • Conceal blue ticks
  • Put the microphone away
  • Hide the typing status
  • Disable read receipts
Privacy And Security AD WhatsApp Android New Version
Privacy And Security
  • Wishing a happy birthday at the right time: You can compose an insightful message ahead of time, then arrange it to be delivered on the precise date and time, making sure you don’t fail to remember at the last minute.
  • To set important task reminders for yourself or others: If you need to remind someone of an upcoming appointment, event, or chore, schedule a message to appear on their mobile device or any device they own at a particular time.
  • Communicate meaningful messages periodically during the day: To let someone know you’re occupying their minds during the day, you can make a sequence of messages in advance and schedule them to be transmitted regularly during the day.
Message Scheduler AD WhatsApp Android New Version
Message Scheduler
  • You can hide “Chats” and “Calls” by choosing from several options.
  •  You can customize this APK with your own themes.
  • Your messages can be swiped through using it.
  • In addition, you can turn off “Message Forwarding” if you prefer.
  • ADWA allows you to customize your “Online status” and “Last Seen.”
  •  The text size can also adjust conveniently to make reading messages easier for people with poor eyesight.
  • Chat background can be customized with pictures of your friends and family.
  • Using Airplane mode for the app will limit the data it uses.

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