AD2 WhatsApp Download Latest Version

AD2 WhatsApp Download (v10.82) Latest Version 2024

  •  Users can use the no forward tag feature to send forwarded messages without letting the recipient know they never sent them.
  • Using the message scheduler function, you can set replies to messages at specific times. If you don’t have access to the internet, you are still able to respond to messages.
  • Aside from the option to change and personalize the user interface, it offers a variety of other features as well. Users can also customize chat background color, style, font size, and even dissimilar objects’ position.
  •  With this APK, you can switch between two modes: airplane mode and dark mode. You can use the airplane mode when you travel by plane. In addition, you can use the phone continuously without any irritation to your eyes due to the dark mode.
  • Android users can install this application without fear of security issues. The system uses end-to-end encryption to secure the information of its users. Now, you don’t have to worry about hackers’ getting access to your personal information.
  • This APK is available in a variety of languages for users to download and use.
  • Further, users can customize the app’s appearance.
  • As well, it allows users to expand the possibilities for the exchanges and groups they create.
  • With it, users can freeze their last seen.
  • Users can set up responses automatically to their messages within it.
  •  Additionally, you can create your themes using the theme editor built into the application.
  • Using it, you are able to name your group up to 35 characters long.

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